This Happy Family Went To A Nude Beach. When Suddenly The Dad’s Reaction Made The Family Members Shocked.


Being a parent is one of the best feelings in the world. But it is one of the hardest jobs as well. You just need to work as a customer service and reply to your child, every time he/she needs to know something new.

The situation becomes more difficult when you as a parent, need to deal with hard and shy questions.

Below you will read such an unexpected reaction from a parent.

A man, his wife, and his son all go to a nude beach. Naturally, the young son has lots of questions.

He runs to his father, “Dad! Dad! All of the women have these things hanging from their chests!”

His father tells him, “Son, those are breasts. The women with large ones are dumb and the women with small ones are smart.”

Soon after the son comes running again, “Mom! Mom! All of the guys have these things dangling between their legs!”

The mom replies, “Those are called penises. The men with the big ones are dumb and the men with small ones are smart.”

The family splits up as the wife lays down towels in the sand and the man goes to buy ice cream at a beach stand.

After a while, the wife turns to her son and asks, “Did you see where your dad went?”

Her son replies, “Yeah, he’s over there talking to the dumbest woman on the beach, and he just keeps getting dumber and dumber.”


What about you? How would you react as a parent?

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