These 6 Health Benefits Will Make You Place A Tea Bag on Your Skin Now!


Drinking a cup of tea can be always the perfect idea. But what about placing the tea bag on your skin?
This method will remove many of your health problems and will make you happier.

Take a look at some of the best tips on how to use tea bags at home and save money along the way:

  1. Treats skin irritations

After you have made tea, put the tea bag aside and leave it to cool down. Then, put it directly on the affected area such as bruises, sunburns, mosquito bites, etc. In this way, you’ll soothe the irritation, lower the inflammation, and speed up the healing process.

  1. Slows down the process of aging

Apply a used, cool tea bag onto wrinkles, dark circles, etc. to look younger.

  1. Prevents shoe odor

No one likes to have smelly feet, especially during summer. Luckily, tea bags can be very useful in preventing bad odor. Namely, put used tea bags in your shoes and leave them overnight. The next morning, your shoes will be as new.

  1. Prevents fridge odor

Place several used tea bags in an open container in the fridge until the bad odor is gone. Tea bags have the power to absorb any odors.

  1. Cleans dishes

Some dishes require more rubbing than others. However, if you use tea bags, this won’t be the case. When you wash dirty dishes with tea bags you won’t only save up a lot of time and effort, but your dishes will be squeaky clean.

  1. Prevents bugs and rodents at home

In order to prevent bugs and rodents in your home, place some used tea bags in cupboards and pantries. The best option would be peppermint tea as bugs and mice dislike the smell.

Cool uses, right? Do you know other uses of tea bags?

Share this cool article with your friends and start using the tea bags as well.

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