Parents Take Photo Of Daughter With Clydesdale. Can’t Stop Laughing At The Horse’s Reaction!


If your day needs a pick-me-up, this is the story for you!  Or rather, it’s the photo for you, with one of the best photo bomb incidents that has ever occurred!  It involves a Clydesdale horse and a little girl.  The girl was posing for a sweet photograph of her standing in front of Clydesdale horses. Presumably, a parent or older relative of some sort handled the camera. However, whoever took the photo managed to capture more than just the smile of an adorable girl!

It turns out one of the Clydesdale horses had a sense of humor!

Here is a teaser (scroll down for the full hilarious photo!):

The story surrounding the photo below is unknown, however, it was originally posted on Reddit roughly a year ago. And this horse doesn’t share the top tier of funny animal photo bombs all by itself. No, there are plenty of other animal photo bomb gems out there, such as this deer.

And joining the ranks of adorable photo bombs is this Clydesdale horse.  How adorable!

Perhaps whoever took the photo told the young girl, “say cheese!” If so, then it seems one of the horses behind her took the command as though it were directed at him! And there is, of course, the possibility that the horse’s owner trained him to do so.

Can you imagine snapping an every-day sort of photo, only to have a once-in-a-lifetime incident like this one occur? The family should cherish this photo for many years and generations to come!   This silly, friendly horse turned an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one.  It just goes to show you, sometimes the best things come out of that which is unplanned!



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