Only The Most Observant Can Find All 9 Faces In This Picture


Calling all horse lovers! Tack onto that, of course, all those who simply love a good challenge! Below are three equestrian-themed images. Your task is to find the hidden horses.  Do you think you can do it? Time to put your observational skills to the test!

Take a look at the first challenge. How many horses can you find in this snowy mountain scene?

The artist, Bev Doolittle, is loved worldwide for her camouflaged art. She painted this one, which she calls “Pintos”, in 1975. Bev was on a voyage around the southwestern regions of the United States when she became enthralled with a herd of chestnut horses.

Have you spotted all of the hidden horses yet? If you’re ready for the solution, here it is!

Alright, challenge number two! This one takes a different direction! Chances are, you can clearly see the horses in this photo. But your task this time is to find the hidden human faces!

Here is the image. How many hidden human faces can you find?

Don’t give up just yet!

Give yourself more time to find all of the hidden horses.

Last warning!  Below is the solution!

Okay, friends. Are you ready for the solution? Here it is! (Can you find the ones we didn’t square.)

Your third challenge waits below! This one, they say, is a bit more of a challenge than the others. But tough or not, we think you can handle it! Try to find it on your own, first, without looking at the solution below it.

Do you see the hidden horse?

Are you ready for the solution to this last challenge?  I hope you didn’t give up too easily on it!

Or were you able to spot the hidden horse right away?

Here is the solution!

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