Nanny Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Video Shows Rough Handling Of Infant


Annemarie Theron, a 31 year-old mother from Namibia, describes how she felt “betrayed” after she witnessed her childminder violently assaulting her infant daughter on a “nanny cam—that had only just been installed a few hours before. (scroll down to watch the full video)

Her husband had installed the camera after their daughter seemed “frightened of her nanny” and they spotted bruising and injuries on her.

The mother expressed that she “cried and cried” while she was” cradling bruised and battered nine-month-old Laila as she tragically viewed the footage.

Mrs Theron opened up to MailOnline about her experience with their nanny, Nicolin Hoeses:

“I watched the footage back with my mother-in-law – we had only installed the camera that morning. 

“When I saw what she had done to Laila, I cried and cried. I held my baby girl close and kept telling her I was so sorry. 

“I had so many emotions – betrayed, and a complete failure as a mum. It was the worst feeling I have ever had and never ever want another mother to have to go through that.”

The nanny—who has four children—stood in court on Monday and was denied bail. She will remain in custody until October and is facing charges of child abuse, assault and attempted murder.

Mrs Theron continued to describe her heartache after the horrible experience:

“I didn’t want to be a paranoid first-time mum, and I didn’t want to confront the nanny as I had no proof. I did not want to make her angry towards me and put my child in danger. It was very difficult to leave each morning to go to work.

“My husband was home for a couple of days earlier this month and thought that Laila seemed frightened of her childminder.

“One day, she had had a fall, we were told, and had a bruise above her eye which were so swollen with all the crying she had done. She looked terrible.”

While the couple had video evidence of the abuse, Annemarie had to continue to “act normal” until the authorities could be contacted:

“I knew I had to do it by the book and report her to the correct authorities so that she would be dealt with properly. I didn’t want her to be able to get another job looking after children.

“I feel so angry and betrayed. She has looked me in the eye for how long and been doing whatever she was doing to my daughter, I can’t even think about it.

“I didn’t expect to see what I saw and I was absolutely shattered. I was horrified that she could look me in the eye – like she did everyday. My heart breaks.

“It is not going to be a solution in the long term. Not all maids are bad. I grew up with a maid my whole life. It is just going to take some time to trust people and I’m sure that time will come.”

Despite the traumatic ordeal, baby Leila is said to be doing good.



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