Lonely Old Lady’s Facebook Post Breaks Hearts But Then The Internet Responds With True Act Of Kindness.


Pat O’Byrne from Portslade near Brighton, UK has been melting hearts across the internet since joining a Facebook group called Brighton & Hove Sunday Roast.

Since joining the Brighton & Hove Sunday Roast Facebook group, Pat’s first update admits that she has mobility issues, is lonely living on her own but loves a roast dinner.

Thankfully, in true British spirit, Pat has been inundated with offers from strangers: there are invitations to join other group members at their houses to share dinner with them and their families, offers to be picked up and taken out and even offers to bring the dinner to Pat.

Many of us worry about ageing family members, but are often ignorant to other elderly or handicapped people living in our neighbourhoods, so seeing some of the responses posted in reply to Pat’s post have completely restored my faith in humanity.

I think the response from those even further afield than the immediate group Pat posted in is testament to the honesty in the original post and kindness displayed in the response.

I hope that when I am old I have a support network around me, and if not hope that I can also rely on the kindness of strangers from my community to pick me up for a meal, coffee or just pop in for a chat.

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