If you see these marks on your child, you need to make sure to notify their teachers


It often seems like a new social media challenge springs up on a weekly basis. While many of these challenges started off with a wholesome goal in mind, we’re now reaching a whole new realm of stupidity. Not only are some of these challenges very silly, they are also very dangerous. This requires parents to maintain a high level of vigilance, so that your child is not participating in these hi-jinx.

The newest challenge that is apparently all the rage is known as the “eraser challenge”. This may sound innocent enough, but the actual reality is far more sinister. In order to play the game, a child must rub an eraser up and their down their arms. This is also done while reciting the alphabet. As you may have guessed, this “game” has led to a certain amount of scarring and also creates serious burns on the arms of children.

One middle school in North Carolina has taken some proactive steps towards eliminating this challenge. They used a recent Facebook post to warn parents about this game, so that they can keep a close eye on their little ones. Erasers are dirty and contains tons of harmful bacteria. The story let parents know the story of one child who contracted Strep A as a result of this challenge.

Meanwhile, there are other parents who do not take these warnings seriously. They believe that kids should be allowed to be kids, no matter what. Children cannot always be trusted to make the right decisions on their own. That is why it is important for parents to step in and let their kids know more about all of the risks that are associated with challenges like these.

Otherwise, your child could develop a serious illness from participating in the challenge. While children are always going to enjoy games and activities that push the boundaries of good taste, this type of challenge is better off avoided. Our skin does not have the required sterility and neither do the erasers that that are being used.

This challenge is bound to cause a wide range of infections and injuries, so be sure to pass this story along to all of the parents in your life. By taking the time to share this important video, you can help the children of your friends and loved ones to avoid this challenge’s many unwanted complications.


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