Hey GUYS! Do You Want To Have A Better Sexual Interaction? Then Try These Super Foods!


Fruits are the one of the healthiest food in the world. But did you ever think that they can contribute in your sexual intercourse by improving it?
What can be better than eating some fruits and enjoy your lovely moments with your partner for a couple of seconds or minutes?
Apples are full of vitamin B and that’s why they are able to provide a much more pleasant and more durable period during sex, causing you to tension and energized.
Several types of meals may considerably enhance in as well as sexual excitement. This article is going to give some clear points around the best food to consume while planning for sexual interaction.

Here’s a summary of the so-called “friends of erection”.

1. Apples

Apples are full of vitamin B and that’s why they enhance and can improve your sex-life. They minimize tension and give you power. Besides the vitamin B, certainly a quantity are of additional elements like tryptophan which escalates the hormone serotonin’s release, potassium accountable for manufacturing of bromelain and gender hormones, a libido improving molecule, which enhances flow.

2. Pumpkin

These vegetables are full of zinc, that will be accountable for the caliber of testosterone and sperm, as well as include large degrees of healthful fats, good for personal health.


Oatmeal escalates the manufacturing of androsterone pheromone, an all natural aphrodisiac generally present in a work that is men. Additionally, it has got the capability to broaden arteries and boost the libido, providing you with much more powerful climax and a better erotic encounter.  


Other Foods To Be Considered


  1. Hot dogs

The popular type of fast food should be the last thing on your mind if you want to be great in bed tonight. Hot dogs contain saturated fat that may clog your arteries and reduce your circulation, which will definitely hurt your sexual performance. Hot dogs are made from low-grade meat, which is another reason to avoid them as this type of meat has been known to cause hormonal imbalance as well as serious diseases such as cancer.

  1. Buttercup chips

It seems like everything that’s delicious is bad for our health. If you’re planning to make love like a stud this evening, make sure you’re not having buttercup chips. These chips are rich in saturated fat which can obstruct your circulation, and the high salt content can raise your blood pressure and cause erectile dysfunction, which isn’t something you want to experience in bed with your partner.

  1. Spearmint

Fresh breath is important, but it’s better to brush your teeth than take a spearmint. Spearmint can reduce your testosterone levels and harm your libido.

  1. Snacks and sweets

If you’re having cravings right before having sex, avoid taking chocolate bars, sweets or snacks. These foods will increase your blood sugar levels immediately, but you will experience a sugar crash later which will make you feel hungrier than ever. Instead of snacks, go for nuts or vegetables.

What about you? Do you consume any of these foods frequently?

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