Do you have sex on the brain? Look at these 10 illusions to find out!


Believe it or not, it is a sign of a healthy mind, to have a unique mindset and see things other than what they usually appear to be

Having a dirty mind is always fun. If you have a mind which is naughty, you end up seeing things differently and more often than not, the thoughts are hilarious.

Believe it or not, it is a sign of a healthy mind, to have a unique mindset and see things other than what they usually appear to be. It also indicates intelligence if you pick out naughty patterns and laugh about it.

Here, we have 10 optical illusions to tease your mind and to reveal how dirty your mind really is.

#10 What do you see?

We know what you think!

Well, it’s just an inverted image of the head side of a bed but on first look, it appears like the inner thighs of a skimpily clad woman. If you were able to see the bed for what it is, at first instance, then you are the sort of person who waits a bit before reacting, and if you just saw what you saw first, then you have a mind which kicks ass!

#9 Man or Woman?

A man or a woman?

If you saw the man first, then you are looking for a relationship based on trust and loyalty with a hint of passion. If the woman was the first image you saw, then you are looking for an emotional connection with someone. Either way, you have a mind which is both playful and lovable.

#8 What is it that gets you here?

Faces or chalice?

If you saw the faces first, you have a naughty mind, but at the same time, you are looking for a close relationship with someone. You are expecting either closure or the beginning of a new relationship. But if you saw the chalice first, you have a well-balanced sex life and there’s really not much you complain about.

#7 We think we know what you’ll spot next

A scenery or a waist?

If you spotted the scenery first, then we are really surprised how sexually balanced you really are, as the image is quite apparent. But if you clearly saw a woman’s waist in a lingerie, then your mind is as naughty as it should be and it’s pretty awesome!

#6 Well, well! Any surprises here?

Private part or crumpled sketch?

If you saw the picture and realized that it was a picture of a tree on a crumpled paper, then we must admit that you are really not driven by sex but something else. Sex doesn’t occupy your thoughts but if you clearly thought that it was a woman’s private, then you are a sly little devil, and we totally appreciate it!

#5 This one’s on point!

Boobs or bald heads?

it is actually an image with two bald heads take from above. If you were able to see them for what they are, you have an innocent mind, you don’t get swayed by perception but look for reality but if you saw them and thought boobs, well then you are a little devil, aren’t you!

#4 Look at this one carefully

Plants or sex?

You saw plants, didn’t you? Well, we must admit that you still have some innocence of your childhood intact and your mind still picks out the cleaner versions of things. But, if SEX was the word you clearly saw then your mind is not only wicked but delightfully charming as well.

#3 This one is tricky…

Couple having sex

Clearly, it’s a couple having sex, isn’t it? Of course, it’s so apparent and if you saw it, we must admit your mind is the house of the devil, but it is a funhouse as well! Naughty you, go ahead and try to see what else is hiding in the picture.


Yes, there are dolphins hiding in plain sight. While you mischievious mind was admiring the couple, these dolphins were clearly ignored. But if you saw these dolphins first then you are still a kid at heart and pure of soul.

#2 What’s happening here?


What happened there? Clearly, it’s a man reading a book, comfortable in his chair. And if you saw him read first then your innocence is still intact and beautiful. But if you saw what we think you saw, then congratulations! your mind is as dirty as we thought it would be. Kudos!

#1 Pay attention to this one

Lady bending forward

A woman bending slightly forward so her hips and lower half of her body are clearly visible. Titillating much? It is not actually a woman’s body, and we will reveal what it truly is, but we love your wicked mind and the way it thinks.

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