Daughter-Stepdad Duo Turn On The Radio & Their Reaction To The Music Is Hilarious


Many are familiar with the Youtube star Cole LaBrant. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you will remember the heartwarming video of the groom vowing his love and commitment to not only his bride, but to his step-daughter as well. That particular video amassed over 10 million views (not to mention about a billion happy tears!). Cole has provided several more videos, including the hilarious and adorable video below!

In the video, Cole and his step-daughter Everleigh jam to a medley of songs and the results are priceless!

 The duo lip syncs to country, rap, rock and pop, all while wearing silly and snazzy outfits. As the title of the video (which has garnered over 7 million views) says, this truly could be the cutest car karaoke ever! They mime singing along to such songs as One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” Richie Valens’ “La Bamba,” and the intense hit by Drowning Pool, “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.” Truly these two know how to have fun!

It’s evident how much Cole loves Everleigh, and it would seem he has had no problem at all stepping into the father role. He is building a beautiful, special relationship with her.  And we love seeing their lives together, along with that of Everleigh’s mother and Cole’s wife, Savannah!   It’s easy to see how much love the members of this family have for one another.

You might also know Cole from The Amazing Race, where he competed in the show’s 28th season.

Check out the adorable father-daughter lip sync session below!


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