Beautiful Redhead Decides To Cut Her Long Hair. New Look Leaves Her Completely Unrecognizable


For some women, our hair is our comfort blanket. Whether it’s long, luscious locks, or a short cut that we’ve grown accustomed to for years, it’s hard to accept change when it comes to our hair!

But for this model, getting a dramatic haircut is just another day on the job. She entered the salon with gorgeous, long red tresses and would leave with a cut that gives her an entirely brand new look!

First, the woman walked into the studio and took before pictures. With her lengthy red locks flowing down around her shoulders, she posed, smiled and waited patiently as the photographer worked his magic.

Then it was time to really get things going! The hairstylist tore her away from the prying eye of the camera and plopped her down in her chair.

The model admired her gorgeous waves in the mirror while seated at the lighted hair stylist’s chair. She did a few more last hair flicks, preparing herself for the impending loss of her incredible hair.

Thankfully, her beautiful smile remains on her face while the stylist combs through her hair and begins pinning it up. She watches in wonder as her makeover begins.

After pinning up a small section of hair around the crown of the model’s head, the stylist got to work shaving the sides to a near buzz cut! As soon as the buzz was complete, the stylist let down the remainder of the model’s hair.

She carefully trimmed the top and made sure the look was perfect before sticking her back in front of the camera. With a quick blow-dry, style and makeup application, the model was thrown into her high-fashion outfit and placed before the cameraman a second time.

It was hard to accept that this fashionista was the same woman who walked into the studio just hours before! Her makeover is incredible!

You really have to watch the video to believe that the woman with luscious long red hair is the woman who appears before you. It’s astonishing how drastic the change is.

Take a peek at her incredible transformation for yourself in the video below.


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