Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Sinus Problems And Many Other Health Problems Can Be Relieved With These Sleep Positions.


Sleep is the best therapy to cure many health problems. Sometimes you think that exercising can be the best method to relieve pain. You can be right but wrong too. Because overexercising can burn your muscles and give you double pain. So when you sleep you simply go in a relaxed mood and forget about many of your health problems like shoulder pain, back pain, headache, neck pain etc.

This article will show you the proper positions to rest for all of those common health problems.

Here are 9 positions which will help you relieve some pains.

1. Shoulder Pain

According to Women’s Wellness Journal, shoulder pain is best treated by sleeping on the pain-free facet with slightly bent legs. Also, grab a pillow in your chest and place another one between your knees.

2. Back Pain

For back-pain, in accordance with WebMD, you should lay on your back and place a pillow under your knees as well as a rolled-up towel beneath.

3. Headaches

When it comes to headaches, the position can both make them worse or relieve. The Hub’s Wellness Expert claims that some everyday headaches generally result from twisted neck during sleeping.

4. Sinus Trouble

Your sleeping position performs an essential function to get a sinus infection, plus it could be both beneficial or detrimental. Harvard Medical School recommends that you simply sleep having a head to be able to prevent the mucus.

5. High Blood Pressure

Before any treatments are explored by you, be sure to consult your doctor regarding the general condition of your blood pressure.
WebMD has printed a study from the Ehime University School of Medicine which is focused on the way sleeping positions impact blood pressure. They discovered out that sleeping by means of your face-down can somewhat lower your blood pressure.

6. PMS Pain

In accordance with Women’s Wellness Journal, for PMS pain, you should place a pillow under your knees to be able to prevent arching of your spine.

7. Neck Pain

If you complain about neck pain, based on Pain Physicians, you must take a small rolled-up towel and place it just underneath the neck. To be able to fix it, also, you can place it under your pillowcase.

8. Digestion Trouble

The Epidermis Sheen recommends sleeping on the left facet for better digestion. Since the stomach is positioned on the left side it’s really important to sleep on this side.

9. Heartburn

Heartburn could be a health condition that is truly disturbing. In accordance with WebMD, heartburn can be finest treated when you sleep on your left side.

These are several sleeping positions that can improve your general wellness. However, make sure if you have any queries or issues to consult with your doctor.

In order to understand the exercises, see the full video here:

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