5 Terrifying Facts About Hurricane Irma We All Should Know


Hurricane Irma has already begun to wage her war, thrashing through the Carribean Islands with 185 miles per hour gusts. And as many people know, she’s not done, either. Florida is bracing for the impact, due to arrive on Sunday as a category 5 hurricane. Several people are scared and may be wondering just how devastating a storm like this has been and could potentially be. To help you better understand just what we’re dealing with, or could be dealing with here, below are 5 frightening facts about the power or potential power of Hurricane Irma.

Here are 5 terrifying facts about Hurricane Irma:

1. Irma’s winds are expected to reach 215 mph.

To put it into perspective, that is faster than the highest speed most race cars can reach.

2. Waves from this catastrophic storm could reach up to 23 feet high.

If you can’t quite envision how high that is, it’s higher than a standard shipping container tipped over on its end.

3. Irma is currently a 5.3 on the Cyclone Damage Potential Index.

For reference, Hurricane Harvey was a 5.2. And Katrina was a 4.9.

4. Hurricane Irma stretches over 400 miles from one side to the other.

That’s right, this monster of a hurricane is bigger than the state of Ohio.

5. Hurricane Irma definitely packs a powerful punch.  The crash of her massive waves on the coast line reverberate around the island of Guadeloupe.

Furthermore, the seismometers, instruments used to detect earthquakes, are picking up the disturbance from the waves.

For more information on the brutality of Hurricane Irma, watch the video below:


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