Family’s daughter is dying – then her nanny makes a decision that makes tears stream down my cheek


Anyone who’s been a babysitter or worked as a nanny knows the great responsibility that rests on your shoulders.

Most babysitters take the job seriously, but some go above and beyond what any parent could ask for.

Twenty-two-year-old Kiersten Miles had only looked after George and Farra Rosko’s three children for a few weeks — but when one of the kid’s lives was one the line, Kiersten made a life-changing decision.

And it was a decision that will leave the Roskos eternally grateful.

Kiersten Miles is a 22-year-old student from New Jersey who needed a job to support her studies.

She contacted the Rosko family through a friend and immediately started working for them.

In no time, Kiersten formed a strong bond with the couple’s three kids, and especially their youngest daughter, Talia.

But it soon turned out that the nine-month-old girl had a rare, life-threatening liver disease.

When doctors announced that Talia needed a new liver, Kiersten didn’t hesitate for a second to offer her part of hers.

George and Farra and Rosko weren’t sure about the idea at first. They explained to Kiersten how big of a deal it was.

Donating part of your liver isn’t like donating blood. It involves invasive surgery and there are certain risks involved.

But Kiersten stood by her decision and applied to be Talia’s donor. And when she got her test results back, Kiersten proved to be a perfect match!

George and Farra Rosko were obviously extremely grateful to Kiersten for her selfless decision. But they made sure they didn’t push Kiersten to make a decision she might regret later.

Kiersten had no regets, and on January 11, 2017, she and Talia went to the hospital for the 14-hour surgery.

First, the doctors gave Kiersten anesthesia and removed part of her liver, and then they immediately performed a transplant on little Talia.

Thank goodness, the transplant was successful!

Kiersten stayed at the hospital for five days and Talia stayed for nine.

Thankfully, both Kiersten and Talia quickly recovered, and today, Talia is a new toddler.

Hardly anyone can believe that she recently had a liver transplant. Now, she’s like any other little girl — she runs around, plays, and eats like never before!

Kiersten of course deserves a hug “thank you” for her amazing gesture. Talk about a heart of gold!

In a world where humanity sometimes seem cold and selfish, people like Kiersten really give us hope and inspiration!

She could have just kept living her life focusing on herself, but instead, she chose to go through a long process that exposed hers to risk — all so a little girl would have the chance to live.

If Kiersten isn’t a superhero, then we don’t know who is!

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