Only Introverts Can Decode These Hidden Images! Can You?


Introverts are known for a lot of things.

We tend to stay away from crowds and prefer one-on-one conversations – or even better, conversations with ourselves.

It might seem like a choice to many people, but it’s not really – in fact, an introvert’s brain is quite different from that of an extrovert.

A 2012 study by researchers at Harvard Universityfound that introverts tend to have larger and thicker gray matter in their prefrontal cortex – the area that is linked to abstract thought, among other things.

This is why introverts tend to sit in corners or rooms alone and think about things deeply. It’s a bit more abstract than just getting out there and experiencing things and living in the moment (which has plenty of perks on its own, mind you).

That way of abstract thinking, believe it or not, also translates very well to an increased ability to interpret abstract visual images.

1. Can you see the hidden image?


Here it is:

2.And how about here?


Here it is:


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