Do You Suffer From Leg Cramps During the Night? Say Goodbye To These Cramps By Reading These Tips.


You may have finished your busy day and the time has come to have some rest when suddenly you feel an unbearable cramp on your legs. The cramp can last from seconds to minutes which can get more frequented by time.

Leg cramps can appear from different reasons like standing on concrete floors, sitting for a longer period of time, doing some exercises, ignoring a good posture, medications etc.

Cramps are painful and the most concerning thing are that these pains can make you awake and let you sleepless. These pains are also some muscle contractions or spasms which usually happen to get activated during the late night hours. Generally, the pain can appear in the lower leg but it can also occur in the feet and thighs. The muscle soreness is felt even after the pain is gone, and it can last the following night and the following day.

Men and women can suffer from leg cramps and they usually appear over the age of 50.


Are leg cramps same with restless leg syndrome?

Just to let you know that there are many differences between leg cramps and restless leg syndrome. Although both syndromes appear while people sleep, they are actually very different.Restless legs syndrome is, in fact, a neurological disorders which is characterized by an uncontrollable and overwhelming urge to move your legs. When you move your legs during the RLS, it gives a sense of relief, which is not the case with nocturnal leg cramps.


You can get rid of leg cramps from these useful tips:

  • Take a warm bath before going to sleep
  • Perform some exercises in the water in order to build your leg muscles
  • Stretch your legs before going to sleep
  • Take more magnesium and potassium
  • Take horse chestnut to improve circulation in the legs
  • Wear ergonomic shoes
  • Place a heating pad to the area where the cramp or pain is felt

These helpful tips will make you cure those muscle spasm during the night:

  1. Put your both legs in front you while you are sitting on the floor. Then bend your feet and point your toes toward your knees – you may need to pull on your feet to stretch out better.
  2. Get up slowly and turn around a bit – shaking your legs can likewise improve blood flow.
  3. Carefully rub the region with circular movements.
  4. Consume a tablespoon of yellow mustard to relieve discomfort.


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