7 Things That Make You Understand If Your Man Wants You Not Only At Bed. If He Does #6, You Must Marry Him.


Finding the person that wants you besides sexual intercourse can be hard. According to psychologists, couples that were been in relationships in their past life, find it more difficult to fall in love again. This happens because they have dedicated so much time, love and passion to their ex-partner and they don’t believe that their next relationship would be the same.

Feelings are special and no one can pretend fake feelings while being with someone. You either love or don’t love someone.

But, it’s really important to understand if a man wants you for just a night or wants you for his entire life.

On the other hand, love can be expressed in different ways. A Chinese man has bought 99 iPhones to make a proposal to his girlfriend. He didn’t get approval, but Apple made a lot of money. There was a proposal with skydiving too. Your man can do some of these things that show that he likes you.


  1. Smooching In A Consistent Way


Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of your fingers and passionate kissing burns 6.4 calories per minute! When your man likes to kiss you continuously this is a sign that he is crazy in love with you. Don’t forget that there are a couple of men that never like to kiss their woman in public.

So smooching is a sign that you are with a right partner. And yes, smooching can’t be controlled sometimes.


  1. Shaking, Slapping, Squeezing And Kissing


It’s not about violence. He probably likes all of your body parts, if he wants you passionately. Slapping your ass is a sign of that. If he likes to grab it a lot then you’re his dream girl.


  1. The Chest


You are his and he is yours. When he puts the head on your chest and lays down to your heart this is a sign that he feels relaxed and calm around you.


  1. Activities in the bedroom


Your bedroom is the place where your man shows how much he likes you. Every night can be a good night. If you are dangerously in love with him and want him in bed, then you should keep him forever.


  1. Perverse Fantasies


In any good relationship, the communication is important. When he talks to you dirty and imagines the sexy fantasies this is a sign that he trusts you. He really loves you and this means that he has built confidence in you.


  1. He Stays After S*x


Sexual intercourse can happen many times, but if your man stays in bed after it, then you should understand that you shouldn’t lose this man. Cuddles, sweet talks and kisses after s*x are a sign that he just can’t live without you.


  1. Good Manners


If he allows you to finish before he does, it’s a sign that he appreciates your needs. It’s really hard to find a man like this but never leave him if he just has this good manner.


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