Do You Have It: This Ridge Behind The Ear Is A Sign Of Something Dangerous! Here’s What It Is


Cyst behind the ear are common, but most of them are benign.

However you should know that some of these painless lumps behind the ear may indicate a more severe condition. If they do not disappear by the end of the fourth week, the patient should see a doctor.
If this lumps do not disappear it can indicate to various things, such as:

Sebaceous cysts

Sebaceous cysts are caused by blocked or damaged sebaceous glands. Small sebaceous cysts are usually painless and harmless. If the cyst is infected, it can become painful. Cysts can be treated with drugs, most of which injection.
Doctors can drain the cyst or surgically removed.


Lymphoma is usually located behind the ear, but lymphomas can also be developed on the back, arms, neck, shoulders or thighs.

Lymphomas are benign lumps. Lymphoma is usually removed through surgery, especially if they are large.


Tumors behind the ear usually include the salivary glands, mastoid bone or skin. Symptoms vary depending on the location and size of tumors.

Benign tumors can affect the hearing and cause dizziness.

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