7 Ordinary People Who Acted As Heroes During The Las Vegas Shooting And Restored Our Faith In Humanity


Just 2 nights ago, a gunman opened fire on a country music festival in Las Vegas, killing at least 59 and injuring more than 500. Despite the chaos that erupted over the crowd during the horrific event, several brave people risked their own personal safety to help others, and managed to save multiple lives.

The shooting, which is now being called the worst in modern US history, took place during the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Shots began ringing out at the end of a performance by country star Jason Aldean, which were later determined to have come from the window of a hotel room in the nearby Mandalay Bay Resort. The perpetrator, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, shot himself an hour after the massacre, just before police could apprehend him.

In honor of all victims and their loved ones, we’ve collected the most heroic stories from the harrowing night below, and we hope you’ll read each one in memory of the sacrifices they made.

#1 Jonathan Smith, 30, Saved ~30 People Last Night Before He Was Shot In The Neck. He Might Live With The Bullet For Rest Of His Life

#2 If Everyone Could Please Pray For My Dad And Everyone Else At The Rout 91 He Jumped In Front Of My Mom And Got Shot

#3 This Man Took A Bullet While Protecting My Sister From The Gunfire In Vegas

#4 Sonny Melton With His Wife, Heather. He Was Sadly Killed While Covering His Wife During The Las Vegas Shooting

#5 Former Marine Taylor Winston And His Friend, Jenn Lewis, Found A Truck With Keys In It And Transported About 2 Dozen Priority Victims To The Hospital

#6 New Mother Takes A Bullet After Leaping On Her Stricken Boyfriend’s Body To Shield Him…

#7 Firefighter Steve Keys Was Shot While Performing Cpr On A Woman At The Concert

“Prayers needed. Lot of people hit. A lot killed,” firefighter Steve Keys wrote in an emotional Facebook post. One of the first responders at the scene of the shooting, he was performing CPR on a wounded woman when a bullet grazed his chest and stomach. Despite the fact that he was bleeding, Keys stayed on-site and continued helping whoever he could, and was later picked up by a friend and driven to be treated. “I’m ok. But a lot of people aren’t. I am lucky,” he further wrote.

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